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We Are Dairy Award


Celebrating the outstanding actions our dairy farmers take to protect the land and the welfare of their animals


The #WeAreDairy Award is your opportunity as a dairy farm owner, manager, employee or dairy farm group to share the innovative ways that you are improving the sustainability of your farm and ensuring the welfare of your animals with the wider farming community and beyond.


Collectively, the Dairy Farming sector has made significant progress in reducing the impact we all have on the environment and improving the welfare of our animals. We believe it is now the time to promote the incredible advancements that you, the dairy community, are making on a daily basis and inspire others to follow in your footsteps. 


$10,000 Grand Prize 


Your examples of sustainable and welfare improvements will give you the chance to win our grand prize of $10,000 and in the process, you will be helping to promote the dairy sector and change perceptions of the industry. Our judging panel will be looking at a number of factors including; innovative thinking, the ease of implementation, the motivation for implementation and the relative impact of the change. It is our aim to promote all entries to further showcase the exceptional efforts of the dairy community in these areas.


We are tackling sustainability and animal welfare in our industry
We are making a difference
We are a community




How to Enter


We are inviting entries from the 4th February 2021 - 31st August 2021 from dairy farm owners, managers, employees or dairy farm groups. To enter, please complete the entry form below with details of your sustainable or animal welfare improvement, the impact it has had on your business and animals, and include an image to support your example. Multiple examples will be accepted. Duplicate entries will be excluded from the judging process.
Throughout the entry period, we will promote examples to encourage and inspire others to improve sustainability and welfare. Our team will contact you for more information where required and we are keen to promote you, and your business in the process. 


Entry Criteria


  • Any process change, investment or product developed on a farm and used only at this farm site or by the farm group.
  • If the entry pertains to a product, the product must have been developed on-farm or by a farming group and is commercially available.
  • Entries can not involve the use of a third-party product to deliver the improvement (where the product purchased is the basis of the improved outcome).
  • Entries can be submitted by or on behalf of farm employees, farm owners, farmers cooperatives or farmer groups.
  • Full Terms and Conditions can be found here.


We Are Dairy Entry Form