Suma Combi™
The Compact And Simple Solution To Clean Ware

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Simplify Your Dishwashing


When space is prime and you seek to simplify your operations Suma Combi™ is the proven solution that delivers clean, sparkling and dry ware – just as well as separate products. 

Suma Combi™ is the solution that ensures you’ll always have the right amount of detergent and rinse aid, together when you need them. The single pack is easier to handle than multiple canisters, simplifies ordering and inventory and reduces your packaging waste.


With Suma Combi™, you get all the benefits of a combined detergent and rinse aid with no additional annual cost. You do not need to buy a separate rinse aid anymore. It’s efficient for your kitchen, efficient for your staff and just as important, it’s efficient for your budget.


Suma Combi™