Serwis i wsparcie techniczne TASKI

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TASKI Service Contracts

TASKI service packages

TASKI Service packages are designed to ensure optimum performance during and after the guarantee period of your TASKI machine.

Our drive behind Service Contracts is lowest total cost of ownership  (TCO) over the lifespan of your TASKI machine. TASKI Intellitrail provides 24/7 visibility of machine assets.

We achieve the lowest TCO through:

  • Cost savings and  predictable costs
  • Reduced breakdowns and higher efficiency
  • Extended machine life
  • Consistent and always perfect cleaning & drying results
  • Simple colour coded self maintenance points to help reduce preventable call outs
  • At the heart of TASKI Service is TASKI Intellitrail

TASKI Spare Parts

TASKI eSpares provides full visibility of TASKI spares and other technical information.

TASKI Spare Parts OEM spare parts not only ensure your machine works perfectly, they ensure your warranty is not invalidated.

TASKI Spare parts are precision made to fit perfectly to and of a quality to ensure your TASKI machine lasts - do not accept anything less.

TASKI Spare Parts can be purchased directly from Diversey or our TASKI agents.

TASKI Warranty

taski warranty

TASKI Machines are designed and manufactured to the highest standards. The TASKI Warranty is your guarantee against material defects and manufacturing faults. All TASKI machines are covered by a minimum 12 month warranty. Exceptions include TASKI swingo, TASKI ergodisc and TASKI procarpet machines which are covered for 24 months. Spare parts are covered for 6 months. See our TASK Service Packages for details on extended warranty options. For more details on local machines & batteries in your country please complete the contact form.

TASKI Selector

The TASKI Selector is designed to help you choose the TASKI machine to best fit your needs. 

To model your perfect TASKI machine use our TASKI Simulator.

TASKI Simulator

The TASKI Simulator facilitates the in-depth simulating of your perfect cleaning program before purchase.

For a consultation to model your perfect TASKI Fleet contact your nearest Diversey office.